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Sun Feb. 24 Service (11 am): What Is Mine To Do?

Join us at Unity Center of Tulsa's 11 am Sun service on Feb. 24. Rev. Dr. Rick Belous will be explaining how we can apply spiritual tools to answer a key question: What Is Mine To Do? Many of us face key decisions in such areas as: love, family, job, health, finances, etc. "It is good to turn to these spiritual methods when we need to determine what roaad to take," Rev. Rick notes. All are welcome.

Sun . Feb. 17 (11 am) Service: Random Acts of Kindness

Join us on Sunday Feb. 17 (at the 11 am service) for Random Acts of Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty Day. We join with others in raising consciousness via random acts of kindness. "This is great news, because we don't have to wait on Washington D.C., the United Nations, or the World Economic Forum to start the ball rolling. A shift in our cohsciousness is all that it takes-- and moving out of our comfort zone," Rev. Dr. Rick Belous notes. All are welcome!

Sun. Feb. 3: Honoring Chris Hitch

On Sun. Feb. 3rd we will be honoring Chris Hitch as she leaves Tulsa for Florida. We will be honoring Chris both during the 11 am service and during a special lunch following the service. Chris has been UCOT's president and served in many other roles. We are asking that people bring a dessert to the lunch: cakes, cookies, pies, etc. All are welcome.


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