Rev. Dr. Rick's Blog: Fidget Spinners & Spirituality

My teenage daughter, Rachel, had to explain to me what it was. "Dad, it is a Fidget Spinner. Many kids have them," she said. A fidget spinner looks like a cross between a pin-wheel and a top. When you spin it fast the different spokes seem to blur into one.
Father Richer Rohr recently held a conference that was about his new book (THE UNIVERSAL CHRIST). The conference was in New Mexico, and I was watching it via streaming online. Imagine my amazement when I saw Rohr, an almost 80 year old Catholic priest, walk out to speak with a fidget spinner in his hand. Imagine my further amazement when he said that a fidget spinner is a great symbol for how to live a spiritual way of life.
He pointed out that a fidget spinner is difficult to successfully do when you only occasionally give it a spin. The fidiget spinner never achieves the momentum needed for success. When I heard Father Rohr say this it reminded me of bicycle riding. I love to ride my bike on long paths that go into the woods and are away from cars. Fortunately there are many of these types of bike paths in both the Tulsa area and in my old home town of Washington D.C. and northern VIrginia.
I had been in two bad bike accidents. You would think these accidents happened when I was going very fast, say, down a hill. No, these accidents happened when I was biking very slowly. In both cases I was going so slowly that I did not have the momentum to stay balanced in tight and difficult situations. Father Rohr said the same thing is the case with fidget spinners and our spiritual life. If we don't have the momentum, then when a crisis hits we tend to crash. We don't have what we need to stay balanced.
How do we get this momentum? It comes from daily prayer and meditation. It comes from often doing gratitude lists and saying thanks for the many blessings that we have. It means getting into practice and being able to call on the Universal Christ at the start of the crisis de jour-- not when it is the bottom of the 9th inning with two outs, and our side is down by six runs. All this is possible, but it takes practice!
If an almost 80 year old priest can get good at a fidgit spinner, then we can get good at calling on the Universal Christ for whatever we are going through.
Many blessings,
Rev. Dr. Rick Belous
Senior Minister
Unity Center of Tulsa