Rev. Dr. Rick's Blog: Polyphony Marimba & Meditation

I think it was a blast when Polyphony Marimba joined us at Unity Center of Tulsa for a recent Sunday service. Many people told me how they liked Polyphony Marimba and their music, which is base on African spiritual traditions.
I find that music, like Polyphony Marimba's, really silences that internal "monkey mind" and its useless chatter. "Monkey mind" is that almost constant tape inside your head that tells you that you are not good enough, that you are don't come up to some standard, that you have a thousand things to do and can't sit here in meditation.
Music like Polyphony Mirimba-- and Krishna Das from the HIndu tradition-- are based on very simple tunes, and these tunes keep repeating and repeating. As they repeat they seem to be like the "still, small voice" and silence the "monkey mind." It silences and stops the tapes going on inside of our head. It is like th 46th Psalm ("Be still and know that I am God.") With this internal peace one is able to go to that "secret place of the most high." You can realize that you are born blessed, and you remain so! Your "should" list ceases to be of central concern.
This is the power of spiritual music-- such as played by Polyphony Marimba, Krishna Das,and others. No one musical tradition has a monopoly on this. Under these conditions, meditation can become some of the sweetest times of our day and be full of revitalizing energy.
Blessings abound,
Rev. Dr. Rick Belous
Senior Minister
Unity Center of Tulsa