History of Unity Movement

History of the Unity Movement

Unity was founded on prayer and healing. In the 1880s, a couple named Charles and Myrtle Fillmore of Kansas City began to explore methods of spiritual healing with remarkable results. Myrtle Fillmore, who had been given very little time to live, healed herself of tuberculosis through prayer and meditation and lived many more decades. Her husband Charles Fillmore watched in amazement. He then set out to learn how it worked. He wrote as he learned, publishing a magazine first called Modern Thought and later changed to Unity. A monthly booklet of inspirational readings, Daily Word, was first published in 1924 and is now mailed to three-million homes in 10 languages.

Through their publications, the Fillmores encouraged prayer circles and spiritual study, and they began to receive letters from people asking for special prayers. The Silent Unity prayer ministry now operates 24 hours a day, receiving two-million letters and phone calls from all over the world. Silent Unity is based at the Unity Village campus near Kansas City, along with the Unity Institute, which offers classes and retreats year-round and trains new Unity ministers. For more information about the Unity movement, click here


Myrtle & Charles Fillmore

Unity Co-founders