Local Outreach

At UCOT, we believe our spiritual self compels us to engage our world in sacred service. We can do this by giving our means and time, or both, to causes that make our world more whole. Here are some of the ways we at UCOT connect with our world and with each other.


Local Community Programs


Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma

UCOT members volunteer regularly at the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. Our usual volunteer slot is the third Saturday of the month. Learn more about the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma.


Lindsey House

Each Valentine Day UCOT collects various articles needed by the women and children residents of Lindsey House. Learn more about Lindsey House.


H.O.W. Foundation

During a normal year, approximately 280 men will reside at the H.O.W. Foundation where they will work hard and learn to cope with their disease. Of these men approximately 30% will successfully complete our 6-month program.

Each Christmas holiday season UCOT collects clothing and personal items and gift wraps them to distribute among the residents. Learn more about the H.O.W. Foundation. 


UCOT pledges a tenth of its monthly offerings to support local causes financially. Some of the local groups UCOT has partnered with both past and present include:

  • Iron Gate
  • A Giving Spirit
  • Unity Worldwide Ministry
  • Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry
  • Silent Unity
  • Resonance Center for Women
  • Clarehouse
  • Community Action Resource Association
  • Domestic Violence Intervention Service, Inc.
  • Animal Rescue Foundation
  • South Tulsa Community House
  • Little Light House
  • Wild Heart Ranch
  • Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry
  • Camp Erin
  • Poetic Justice
  • Equality Center of Oklahoma
  • Coffee Bunker