Minister & Transition Updates

Minister's Message 

Welcome to Unity Center of Tulsa! How wonderful that you have chosen to explore the spiritual offerings available for you at our center.  We are blessed by your visit with us today.

Whether you have been inspired by such authors as Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra or Marianne Williamson, many people are coming to the realization that they are seeking a more spiritual perspective for their life.  The idea of a spiritual (but not religious) community that accepts, honors and reflects the greater global awareness that we live in today is exactly what Unity has to offer.  As a spiritual community we have the relevant resources needed to support the individual and collective awakening in consciousness that is taking place now. 

Unity Center of Tulsa is an open and accepting spiritual community where you can connect with multi-generational, diverse individuals with like minds and hearts.  We have come together to grow spiritually in creating a more joyful, abundant and fulfilling life for ourselves and one another, for this generation and the next.

Experience the awakening for yourself!

~ Rev. Joanne Burns, Interim Minister & Transitional Specialist


Rev. Joanne has completed one year of full-time interim minister transitional specialist support and services. She is currently serving as a quarter-time minister to continue support to the staff, Board, and Minister Search Team.

Rev. Joanne Burns


About Rev. Joanne

Rev. Joanne Burns is a minister, consultant, mentor, and spiritual director. Joanne is a practical New Thought contemplative. She works at the intersection of organizational health, systems implementation, and spiritual guidance. Specializing in the wholistic new and unique dynamics of all size of congregations, Joanne's work focuses on organizational development, staff team dynamics, board development and leadership in times of transition. She has served ministries of all sizes in the multiple roles of senior minister, associate minister, licensed teacher, administration, and youth & family director for the past 30 years.