Rev. Dr. Rick's Blog: The Early Days: Some History

I will always remember the time when I was giving a talk and I said that Unity started out as an educational movement. Now there was some truth to this. Unity's co-founders, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore did not want to found a new denomination or a ton of churches. What they wanted was to be able to teach some key spiritual principles and then pass them on to people. If you were a Methodist, for example, you would learn these principles and then take them back to your Methodist community.
However, a person I deeply respect came up to me after this talk and said to me, "Rick if you look at the history I think it is more accurate to say that Unity started out as a prayer movement." As I studied the history, I could see that this person was right: Unity started out as a prayer movement, and its' foundation is based on prayer.
Myrtle appeared to be very sick, and the doctors said there was nothing more that medical science could do for her. In fact, they didn't give her much more time to live. It was in these conditions that she had her great spiritual experience and recovered her health. Prayer was front and center in this healing process. When she recovered, pleople starteded asking her how she did it. Myrtle would either meet with them or respond to their letters. Prayer once again was front and center in Myrtle's advice concerning healing-- healing from all types of situations and not just health issues.
This led to the founding of Silent Unity-- that great 24/7 prayer beacon.Today one can reach SIlent Unity to pray by phone, email, snail mail, etc. Every year Silent Unity leads a WORLD DAY OF PRAYER. It is a time where Unity churches from all over the globe link up in prayer-- and now we link up with friends from outside of the Unity movement in this effor.
Often prayer is the most important thing you can do when a difficult situation arises. It can center us in Divine Mind and bring us "the peace that passes all understanding" even in a crisis. It helps us live in the solution and not in the problem.
This year at UCOT, the World Day of Prayer will start on Wed. Sept. 11, at 6:45 pm, in the UCOT sanctuary with a special service. We will link up with other Unity churches via a broadcast from Unity VIllage. I hope you will join us for this service. I also hope you will turn more to prayer in your daily life. Prayer does work. The key is NOT to change God's mind. Rather the key is changing our minds. When this happens doors fly open that before appeared to be locked.