Sacred Service

Member's Ministry

The Member's Ministry at Unity Center are such an integral part of our experience at the Church. We hope the services and events at Unity Center of Tulsa go so smoothly that everyone forgets all the effort that goes into making it happen.  But we dare not forget the service of the wonderful Member's Ministry who give of their love, energy, time and effort to make each and every event at Unity Center a memorable one.  If you feel called to help in any of the areas listed below,  please call 918-582-6624 to discuss your interests.. There is much to do; and we can work around your time limitations so that you too can participate in some form or fashion in supporting Unity Center.

Our Member's Ministry fulfill many functions at Unity Center..  One of the areas serviced that is most appreciated by all is the supplying of refreshments for our after-church friendship meetings.  If you can help in this area, please sign up in the Fellowship Hall to donate refreshments.

Another area that contributes greatly to everyone's enjoyment of the services and functions at the church is the flower arrangements.  If you would like to donate flowers for everyone to enjoy, please sign up in the Fellowship Hall at any time.

And each Sunday it takes the work of many people to create the spiritual experience we value at Unity Center of Tulsa.  We are especially grateful to those who serve the church. We love you, we bless you, we truly appreciate you, and we behold the Christ in you.

Community Ministry

Unity Center of Tulsa is an active member of the Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry (TMM) which is an inter-faith group helping the greater Tulsa community in many ways through various programs and projects. TMM congregations support and work in such areas as hunger prevention, better education, income and health, improved condtions for refugees, diversity, and tolerance. TMM congregations affirm that "we do not have to believe alike to love alike."

Unity Center of Tulsa members and friends are also active volunteers at the Eastern Oklahoma Community Food Bank. Join us there during one of our Food Bank/UCOT Saturdays. The Community Food Bank serves 339,000 meals per week in Eastern Oklahoma. The need is real! One-out-of-four children in our area is “food  insecure” (i.e., during a significant part of a year they don’t know where their next meal is coming from.)

The UCOT Outreach Committee does several projects per year that involve the congregation.  We have done a Teddy Bear Project for law enforcement officers and the Cherokee Tribal Police.  We have provided gifts to the H.O.W. foundation, with about 90 drug and alcohol clients.  We have also provided gifts to Dayspring Villa, a home for abused mothers and children, and to the SPCA.  We decide each year which projects we will adopt.

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