Spiritual Practices

"Search, no matter what situation you are in. O thirsty one, search for water constantly. Finally, the time will come when you will reach the spring.” - Rumi


Spiritual Practices in Unity

There are two key aspects to transforming ourselves and tools we can use. Unity has been practicing prayer, meditation and affirmations for more than 100 years. These practices help transform the soul, the inner self. This transformation also results in physically shifting neurons of the brain even resulting in how we respond to life automatically. There are also practices that are a part of transformation that include exterior activity such as yoga or a nature walk. Some may even find getting involved in their community and social activism as therapeutic to their soul.

While, as a spiritual organization we specialize in 'inner' transformation we also offer Transformative Activities to assist you in your spiritual journey. Read on if you would like to learn about our practices of meditation, prayer and affirmations.

Unity believes that spiritual growth is part of our purpose. From birth to the end of this momentary life in physical form, we are a "spiritual being having a human experience". What brings suffering during this experience results from the sense of detachment from this reality that we are, at our core, spiritual. Unity employs several spiritual practices to help us to remember who we really are:

1 Meditation

2 Affirmative Prayer

3 Denials and Affirmations

To enhance your life experience, browse these pages and discover basic information regarding these spiritual practices and note the services we provide locally to assist you. Come join us and grow spiritually as part of a supportive spiritual community.