Welcome  to  Unity  Center  of Tulsa

Unity Center of Tulsa is an open and accepting spiritual community for multi-generational diverse individuals with open minds and hearts. We use affirmative prayer, meditation, education, and practices to empower people of all faiths to apply spiritual principles in their everyday lives. Our purpose is:

  • To Support all people, honoring and celebrating diversity in a joy-filled, unconditionally accepting environment in which we all join together as a loving community.
  • To Teach the idea that the energy vibration we call God indwells in everyone and everything as absolute good and that we transform our lives through our thoughts, words and deeds.
  • To Empower people to use practical spiritual teachings to create a healthy, prosperous, and meaningful life.

For more information, visit What is Unity?

If you are seeking a progressive, spiritual community free of dogma, then you may have found your spiritual home.

Unity Center of Tulsa is a modern spiritual community. While Unity was founded by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore in 1889, we continue to evolve spiritually in our understanding of truth principles. We transcend traditional religion and teach leading edge spiritual concepts commonly advanced by authors as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Ekhart Tolle, Ken Wilber, Brene’ Brown, and others. 

We also offer relevant activities to enhance your personal spiritual development such as study groups, classes, workshops, events, meditation sessions, nature walks and community improvement activities. We help you to translate your ongoing spiritual development into meaningful action that fortifies the new, emerging self while improving the planet and making a better world for everyone.